Stolen Phone

Hi there,

I’m currently in Argentina and my iPhone was pick pocketed. I always used the finger print to access my account so now I cannot remember my passcode.

I’ve gotten a new phone so I am wondering how I can get my passcode?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Of course you’re writing about 4 digits PIN to the app, right? If yes- don’t you have “Forgot” button in lower left corner? It should be there…
And typing last four digits of card please remember that they are asking about card used to last top (your bank’s card, NOT Revolut’s card).


Hi there, thanks for the info and response. Yes, I’m referring to the 4 digit pin required to access the app but I don’t have the option to select “forgot pin” as I’m signing in with my old phone number. Can you think of any ways around this problem? Thanks again.