Stolen card


Hi, can anyone help me here…
The other day I tried to withdraw a certain amount of money from an atm… But it shows that balance has been cleared even though I didn’t receive the money… Also the next day I had my card stolen… I’m not having much luck… Was told that I had to fill in a form to claim it back and then told I could wait up to 2 months or more to get the money back from an atm I didn’t receive… My question is that now my card is stolen I was told to report my card as stolen and that means my account is now frozen… I’m worried as well as to what will happen to my money I didn’t receive at an atm??? I mean will the money go to my debit card that I top up to revolut???.. Or will it go to revolut account to which is now frozen???.. I tried asking the support app… But no answer to my question… I feel worried about this…


Oh. That’s complicated. You can use only data’s of your card to fix the atm issue. Not a 3rd party one.
Also that bank might need an email/ fax from Revolut.

@AndreasK can help you I hope. (I know you’re busy but oh well, you’re the Hero :wink: )


It’s a pain the customer service is not good at responding to my questions… Just getting ignored or dismissive of my actual question by revolut… Feel like banging my head


Hi there. As I can see your ATM chargeback has been raised. In the meantime you can order a new card from the card section of the app.


Thank you for your help I shall apply for a new card once my bank debit card has arrived