stolen card getting money back


Nightmare as my husband had his wallet stolen. Had Revolut card stolen and used at 4am in morning twice. Blocked card at 6am. Called police who gave us police ref crime number. When after much hassle explained this who Revolut refused to accept this. They said we needed a police report. The police said this is not protocol and the card company need to contact them for a chargeback.
Stalemate! We havecregistered a formal complaint too.

So we’ve list £55 ! It’s very frustrating there’s nothing we can do.
So beware as Revolut won’t refund any stolen money. A scary scenario.


Hello @nancey55,

Really sorry to hear that. Could you please contact us me via a direct message so we can get in touch?

Please note, we follow MasterCard chargeback policy.


Andreas K.