Stolen card and phone

While in Krakow my wallet and phone were stolen. By the time I realized and managed to block my card whoever took it managed to buy 98 tram tickets!!! I still cannot believe how did Revolut allowed this and did not block the card seeing so many transactions going on.
The fraudulent transactions start at 4:52am and stopped at 7:11am. 98 transactions during a period of less than 3 hours!!! As the transactions are of small amounts($13.00)Revolut says they were allowed to complete without asking for a PIN(Contactless). In total they spent more than $1200 in less than 3 hours. :frowning:
In my wallet there was also a Natwest card which they tried to use but Natwest blocked it straight away. I suppose their security algorithms are much more better than Revolut’s ones.
So take extra care of your Revolut card because in case they take it from you they will be able to use it without control!!!

PS: At the moment I have filled a chargeback form(after trying for three days as the link they kept on sending did not work). Revolut is not replying anymore to my chat messages within the app so I have no idea what the status of my chargeback process is.

Uh oh, I’m really sorry to hear this. Try to reach the customer support via Twitter/Facebook they are quite responsive there!
I hope that you will get sorted this soon :confused:

That’s why we need apple pay.

I don’t get it. How would Apple pay have protected me from all these fraudulent transactions?

How? Well, you don’t have to have a physical card anymore once you add it to the wallet. Leave it at home, or better burn it. If your phone is stolen it is useless without your fingerprint.

Fine, but what happens with the places that still don’t have apple pay(where I live is not that popular yet).

Well there is no ideal solution, but this way you would have avoided loss of 1200. What worries me most is that terminal should have asked for pin in 98 transactions. Even if transaction is <20 there are random pin checks. I’ve been asked for a pin many times even when paying few euros for a coffee.

I agree. I just can’t figure out how they managed to complete all 98 transactions. I just hope Revolut has something to say here.

Well, 24 hours later and still not a single reply from Revolut.

Another day goes by and no reply from Revolut. This is amazing.

This is one of two most annoying things about Revolut. Support is an utopian dream and their automated system is trippy as fuck.

It was not like that at the beginning and I was impressed how fast Revolut replied to all my issues. Its obvious they have grown too much, without control, and now they can’t cope with the issues their clients are having.

Yes, it was very good in the beginning, I still remember.

@AndreasK can you have a look?

Hey @Jason82

Apologies for the long wait. Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?

I had a similar problem - lost my phone and card. Couldn’t cancel it because you need to use the phone app! Hoping Revolut will change this and allow users to cancel / put card on hold via the website soon.

Hey @AndreasK

Did you get my direct message?

Thank you

I have replied @Jason82

Thank you @AndreasK

I have replied just now.

Hi Andreas, I just can reply here because I’m new on the forum. I’m on the exact same case as Jason82. Could you help me and message me as soon as possible ?

Thank you,