Stolen account


Hello there. I’m creating a thread for my friend @Rocheyboi96, because he’s a new member and can’t create a thread yet.
his reply needs to be approved by a moderator


If the title is right here are two things which could help your friend:

If it’s about a stolen Phone:

About stolen card:


Yes, but he has been hacked and he has his phone number registered to the account changed, he can’t access the chat, because he has to verify his new account (which he made to contact the support) and the buttons won’t work. He has explained everything in a reply to this post, but because he’s a new user, he has to wait until a moderator approves his post.


Well everything explained here:

However, we recommend that you download the Revolut app on your new smartphone, enter your phone number, and select ‘I haven’t received a code yet’ to speak with a support agent. We’ll then provide you with a verification code so that you can log in to your account on your new device.

Please do not create a duplicated account in this case.

Otherwise the onlyway to get help is contact them via twitter.


Yes, the thing is, he doesn’t know the new number. He has tagged Revolut on Twitter and they haven’t replied since yesterday. Though he follows them, he can’t see the DM option.


It’s not about knowing the new number but the old one. I’m very sure they can see which phone number was associated with which account. It’s just for now to get into the chat and beeing able to talk with a live agent.


Well that doesn’t sound great. I’m afraid you’re not very likely to get a response on the forums on a Sunday though I’m afraid! This is mainly because obviously, it’s their days off.

Just ping some mods and hopefully they’ll resolve your issue first thing tomrorow

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