Still waiting for the card



I ordered my first physical card on December 16th, and I’m supposed to receive it by January 3rd. Nothing in my mailbox today. I hope it didn’t get lost…

Have a good one.


@myrevolut have you tried to contact our support team to take a closer look into it?

If not, please get in touch with the support team.


No @AndreasK I haven’t contacted the support via chat yet. I’ll do so if the card isn’t delivered by tomorrow.


Let me know @myrevolut happy to help!


Hello @AndreasK I’d definitely want your assistance as a matter of fact, there is still no sign of the card. It’s not normal is it? Thanks before hand.
PS : I’ve contacted the support a few days ago but I was told to wait, well, I can do so but for how much longer? Please confirm that everything is OK and my card wasn’t lost or stolen.


Hi @myrevolut,

Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so we can solve this immediately?

Thank you,

Andreas K.


Hi @AndreasK
I just did. Thanks before hand.