Still get non stg bank charges when i top up

These still get billed to me when i top up in £ then exchange into euros then pay on card in euros in belgium/holland/france

On which step? During transfer or when if pay for something?


I am afraid it is not clear to me what the problem is. Could you elaborate?

I think im being charged at the transfer of money from account to card when topping up

I believe there are fees with certain credit cards when you top up.

So im in holland ,im from uk, i top up in pounds and then do an exchange on the card app to euros. Tge original top upbin pounds serms to be resulting in a non stg charge on my uk bank account

hmmm, I’m lost a little bit.

Here you are saying that you topup via wired transfer? Am I right?

So which account’s details are you providing in your original bank?
Do you use local or polled account details(in revolut)?

I go on the phone app i top up the card in pounds (im from the uk) if i am in europe i exchange to euros on the app

ok, to top up in pounds you are on pounds’ wallet, right?
If yes, could you describe app’s behavior?
I mean- you are tapping “topup” on GBP wallet, then you are typing lets say 100 GBP.
What happens then?

Correct i then get100 gbp which i exchange to euros

So there is not any loss.
Then you pay using this card (without exchange made by you). You let it be done automatically- by the system. Right?
So where you can see these charges?
In which currency is the receipt?

Pay using the card but the original transfer in pounds onto the revolut seems to incur charge with my bank - charge is on my bank statement NOT revolut statement


Does it have any title?
Maybe you’re using credit card and your bank starts to count interest? In Poland City does it.
Have you checked your bank’s pricelist?
And last but not least- as you’ve written- Revolut has not to do with this.

Yes am going to check specific charges with bank when home

I think i am being charged for a transfer from my bank card to the revolut when i top up


Sorry, you’ve written that it was wired transfer. I’ve forgotten. :blush:
So, please update us after you check it.

Hi there. Are you using the details under GBP–>SWIFT?