Sterling and Euros

Hi. I transferred some sterling onto my card and then converted it into Euros. Does this mean I have both sterling and euros on my card? How does it work when I present my card for payment? Thanks. (First time user.)

You have nothing on your card. You have cash in your account, with ledgers recording balances in EUR and GBP. For any transaction you attempt with the card, money will be taken of those ledgers.
There is a “Help Centre” article that explains which ledger will be used. The gist is that if there is enough to cover the transaction money in the ledger denominated in the currency of the transaction you are attempting, that ledger will be used. If there is not enough money there, but there is enough money in your “home” currency ledger, that ledger will be used. Failing that, the ledger with greatest amount of money in it will be used. If no single ledger has enough money, the transaction will be declined.
That is from my memory, and my information here is worth precisely what you paid me for it :wink:, so you should also check the Help Centre.

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Thanks, Tony. I knew it was there somewhere, but I haven’t worked out how to find the links to paste from within the app.

Many thanks. Your info has been very helpful. Rich