Sterling and Euro Account

I am based in the UK. I already have a sterling card account. Can I also have a separate Euro account? How do I set this up so I can access both on my cellphone? Thanks.

Generally you have only one account into Revolut.
You can have 26 wallets in this account (and 5 crypto).
To have EUR washer just go to More> Profile> Account’s data, then choose EUR. Do not forget to activate your personal EUR account :wink:

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I think I have already answered my question.

I have one UK card account in sterling. Attached to this card account are now two currency accounts - British Pound and Euro - and both are activated. Each has its own account number / IBAN etc, and I am the beneficiary.

So presumably I can have sterling wages paid into the sterling account, and euro wages into the other. Within my card account I see I can Exchange euros to pounds and use these on my sterling card.

Is this correct?


Yes, that’s right.
Of course you don’t have to exchange money manually (but you CAN do this- it is your choice).
If you don’t do this (exchange) everything will be done behind the scenes:

OK, thanks. So does it work like this? If I am using my card in
Euro-land it will automatically deduct from the Euro account.

But if I am in Euro-land and my Euro Account is empty it will
automatically deduct from my Pound account?

What if I don’t want to use my Euros and prefer to use converted
Pounds on my card, how can I control this?

And if I am in Hungary (Forint-land) will it automatically use the
base currency - pounds? Or Euros? Again, how can I control this?


Please read this article ones again👆
You’re are from Hungary, but what is your base currency?
If yes:
-if you are in Euro-land and you have enough money in your EUR wallet this wallet will be used. If you don’t have enough money in this wallet system will check your HFT wallet. If it’s enough in it- this walet will be used. If not- system will check the wallet with the highest value of money. If it is enough- it’ll pass through if not- transaction will be rejected.

Hi, thanks again. I understand now.

Best wishes,