Statistics- Make them more useful and meaningful!


Team Revolut,

Your idea on statistics is fantastic, awesome and brilliant!

A few things that are still lacking there though, making the statistics tool a lot less useful than it could be:

  • Be able to cross-show the category across multiple accounts; This is super-important!
    I think this is very basic and perfectly justified, the majority of “power users” will use more than one account to escape weekend markups etc.

  • More detailed filters on the list, allowing for custom time range filtering.

  • Custom categories or tags; look at Polish mBank as an example. A lot easier to make use of statistics if you can create a custom tag and then report by it.



Awesome ideas! Statistics are great idea, but right now, they lack very important features…


+1 on cross currency data.

Missing some simple overview logic for account balance and spending analytics. Ie currently everything is split per currency, but there’s no way to see total account balance (in pre-set currency) or spending data across all currencies.

Most people don’t care how much they spent in various currencies, they care how much they spend overall.


Agreed, I’d like to see an overall one across currencies too. This would be really powerful, especially if linked with budgeting type alerts (which I think I saw on Rev Rally are coming :slightly_smiling_face:).

It could be implemented as a ‘total’ - so side swipe the individual currencies as normal for individual analytics, and the total could be at the end.
Maybe this could be calculated in base currency.

I guess the difficulty is a constantly moving exchange rate would mean the analytics are different day to day.

Perhaps implement it so the ‘currency equivalent’ is included in the ‘total cross currency’ analytics at the time of the transaction.

Either that, or calculate it on the fly when going to the total screen. But this might get messy and inaccurate over the long-term, especially with large movements.

Either way, would definitely be useful