Static payment link

Hi, i would like to ask, if its possible to generate payment link, which will be active…forever :smile: i mean…static payment link.

Is this pls possible via Revolut?

Thanks a lot !

@tom1nko Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

Payment links are multi-use (or reusable), meaning that business users can accept multiple payments from multiple customers using only one link. By default the Payment Link can accept indefinite amount of payments. But business user can also decide to set a limit on the number of successful payments they want the link to receive.

  1. When creating a link user must enter a title for the link. This title will be displayed to their customer and will be used in-app to help the merchant identify the link they created. The maximum amount of characters accepted for title is 150 characters.
  2. Merchant must select currency and amount.
  3. Here merchant can decide whether or not the link should be multi-use or not.
  4. If merchant does not select the toggle “Limit number of orders” then the Payment link will be reusable and can accept as many payments as the merchant wants to (until they mark the link as completed)
  5. If merchant selects the toggle, they can put a maximum on the number of successful payments they wish to receive. Meaning that if merchant select a limit of 1, the Payment link will automatically be marked as completed after one successful payment was made to it. (if limit is selected the maximum number for limit is 500)

Hope this helps. :pray:

Veda | Community team

Thanks for the answer. I had one account, so i created PRO account. When i created the link, i havent the options, what you mentioned. I just can named the link and that was all.

Do i need new business account? or is it possible to switch from personal or pro to business ?