I’m unable to get historic statements. When trying to get a statement I get offered 3 choices: Dec 2017, Dec 2017 & Nov 2017 (two options for Dec & the third option is greyed out). I can see no way of selecting the period I want a statement for (eg, Sep 2017). If I select (Get Statement) a Dec 2017 statement I still don’t see any options for changing the statement period. So, I can’t get historic statements.


Hey @crh :slight_smile:

Two of them are meant to be vertically scrollable, so you should be able to specify a date range :wink:


OK, finally managed to get a historic statement (noting that it was for all transactions since September, not just September). As a relatively new user I found it very difficult to get the statement icon to appear at all, eventually searching other forum posts to get: “Try, in the home screen, without scrolling down, clicking the top-left icon and then swiping right-to-left on the desired item”.
As you say, one of the items is a scrollable list, but I think I can be forgiven for not realising that (no scrollbars or other visual clues).
As feedback, I do think that I should be able to get at the (print) statement icon from the Analytics tab; it is the obvious place, but like other users have reported, the icon does not appear for me.

Thanks for your response.