Statements: Transaction Order... OMG...


Hey Revolut,

Back to banking basics with Revolut! Shame on you guys :slight_smile:

So I finally had a need to use the statement for more than one transaction (well a single-transaction statement is probably no longer a proper statement, but anyway…) and I’m like oh shoot, what is going on.
Why aren’t the same-day transactions actually ordered by their date & time?

With even more than one transaction per day, my post-transaction balance on the statement is a complete mess. Transactions are listed in a RANDOM order- or well at least, definitely not the time order.
It’s super-hard to track these transactions in an easy and intuitive way.

One workaround may be to export to .XLS and then tediously sort by the date and then by descending balance for each date- pretty hard, tedious and completely unnecessary.

So to sum up- we can we make the statement look like a statement, please?


I agree, the statements are a MESS. The order seems to be random, and it is impossible to make sense of the “balance” column unless you start rearranging the transactions by yourself - puzzling with the order of the transactions until the statement makes sense.

Also, the starting balance should be mentioned on the statement, not just the ending balance.

Since you are encouriging your customers to use Revolut as their primary bank account (receive your loan onto the account etc.) this really should get fixed ASAP.


Noted! Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I’ve passed this on!


Just to add my voice to this. Really important feature utterly and completely broken. Please fix or I’ll have to stop using the service


The balance in the statement is a total mess. It’s not even as simple as being relating to all the transactions on one day being in order. I’ve seen my balance on the 22nd December leap up by £1000 even though I only topped up by £500 on the 23rd and £500 on the 24th, so I suspect it doesn’t handle weekends either. Even then I can’t work out how the balance figure is derived. Perhaps it is the realtime balance before transactions are received? (but they seem to appear on the app on my phone in realtime). Anyway it really needs sorting out as it will cause a lot of grief from people who think they’ve lost money - see example below…

Apart from that very happy with the use of the Revolut card overseas and have recommended to friends.


@revolut, please make statements look like actual statements that can be lawfully used! The current design of statements is totally useless when incoming and outgoing bank transfers are concerned!

The statement only shows the received/sent amount with the “To: Person/Company” or “From: Person/Company” description field.

What about sender’s/recipient’s IBAN, BIC code and the reference field? Do you guys really think anyone can use these statements as a legal proof of anything?


Guys this is really painful and somewhat not super serious of you to keep this functionality that way. Banking license with statements looking like that? Seriously? :slight_smile:

ALL that’s needed is a simple date and TIME sorting here and it should really help.


And make the default order most recent transactions first.
First Direct offer both most recent or oldest first, but I think most people think of a statement more like a book than an email account.

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I suspect that this is because transactions are listed on the day that they are confirmed and completed not the day that they are incurred


I totally agree with most of the comments above. Although I would love options (sort order asc vs desc, booking date vs occurrence date) I think this needs to be standardised otherwise it might get messy - every month ordered differently.
For me most important would be a correct transaction AND balance order - that seems doable…
And I think the design could be improved a lot as well - would be happy to help you there.

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Generally, Revolut statements using android device to generate is a total mess.
This is very unprofessional. Revolut works perfect for me, is almost a regular bank, but statements is a key factor to win the goal “better than your bank”.

Revolut app confuse transaction dates with complete dates, analytic reports also is confused. Balance is always wrong on each transaction line on statement and also transactions at the end of each month, supposed to appear when complete (clear) in 1st or 2st of the new month but instead is completely missing…

I am kind of happy to say on my iOS device every statement is generate perfectly and i am able to check up things… But on android device is very very bad… I contact online chat three times since i become a revolut user, attaching images and screenshots and always said “they noted!!”
As good is working on iPhone, same as good you can make it work on Android devices…

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Giorgos could please send me via a direct message a screenshot of this example?


In the meantime things got a little better, most of the statements are now ok, but I still have one month that is a total mess. End Balance of last month doesn’t add up to starting balance on the next.
Please try to fix this.

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Thank you for your feedback. I’ve passed this on!

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This has been fixed on iOS 5.0/5.0.1. What version are you using?


Android - now Version 5.0.0 - and access to statements is gone - can’t find the icon any more.


As @Florian wrote here, you need to tap on the balance first.


It’s a little better - but there are still months that mess with end month balances and show transactions on the wrong sheet! You need to decide what’s driving these statements value date (usually the case) or transaction date and then stick to that order.

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I have an other note with statements, the exchange statements are inconsistent:

For example I check my RON account’s statements, the ones when i converted USD to RON contain both currencies exchange balance(paid in RON, paid out USD), but the ones when i converted RON to USD contain only the paid out RON part.

I am using android.



I fully agree that more information is needed on the statements.

Today I wanted to demonstrate that the amount was transferred to a certain account.

However in the printed statement it only shows the amount and name of company (the way how I saved it myself) without the reference number of the transaction or the bank account number of the beneficiary.

Like this unfortunately I cannot prove that I’ve paid for the service so the company would still ask for me paying.

Would it be possible to have this feature fixed soon? Thank you.