Statements in Excel - CSV format errors

Having discussed with support, I can confirm that CSV statements were removed. No explanation why and if they ever come back.

So, it’s time to limit the use of Revolut for card payments, I am not going to manually re-type the statements to my expense ledgers :frowning:


The statement in excel is available in the web app.


Hi @ecsmigues , you are correct BUT there is a bug in that you are limited to downloading no more than 10 months of data (well I can’t be sure because the limitation could be on the size of the file and for me, that equates to 10 months of transactions) but in any event it is being looked into by Tech Support so I keep my fingers crossed.

Of more concern to me is that the very useful “Category” data is NO LONGER being included in the “Statement Report (.pdf/.xls)” files and this is maddening as without this, the resulting file is just data and no longer “information”!!!

Again, fingers crossed this is addressed in some later release.


A little updat on this, and for the purposes of full disclosure, the issue could be restricted to ONLY my dataset.

The following pertains only to the App.

After doing some more testing on the issue of not being able to get more that 14 months of data, I find the issue is a little more convoluted!

Whilst I find that I can, infact, download data in a date range that is greater that 14 months (I successfully achieved 2020-2022), sadly, many November & December 2021 records are missing.

Looking in the Transactions list in the App (and scrolling back to 1-11-2021) the App lists more than 30 transactions to 31-12-2021 but (both .PDF & Excel) list just 12 records!

Is anyone else finding a discrepancy between the two methods to viewing past transactions (especially interesting is November 2021 as it could indicate a corruption of the data)?

Thanks for the hint - you saved my evening!

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Just tried to download the statement as CSV and the “category” column is still gone. I guess I can re-use older files to map some of the description fields to categories, but that will only work with descriptions that were there in previous spreadsheets. It would be much appreciated if the category column was re-introduced. I already appreciate the change in the date format to make it easier to parse and include the time!


I couldn’t agree more! In fact i dont know why I bother assigning Categories & adding notes to my spendin data, if all i can do with it is use it inside the Revolut App?

Given Revolut is less than half the full story (i.e. no income data, nothing from any bank accounts and nothing from any additional debit/credit cards, the Analytics are myopic at best!

What I cant understand is why the Category field was dropped in the first place?

Its departure has greatly diminished the Revolut cards roll as a financial tool…its just another card now as far as I can see.

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Hi, I joined the community precisely because of this. Did someone from Revolut answer if they are going to re-introduce the category column again?

Hi @oluque and welcome to the community, which I’m sure you know was set up to connect Revolut users to try to support one another.

Sadly, this remains an outstanding issue with Tech. Support, along with my further request to add the “Notes” data also. I find this last point almost as important as the Category data as it gives me a further breakdown of Cost Centers.

For example, the Category “gifts” is interesting but more telling is to whom the gift was made as i like to treat all my children equally.

I will post here, once there is more news on the subject of the reintroduction of the Category data.

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As a regular Revolut user I’m quite perplexed about the lack of information in the CSV file. It would be really awesome if fields like category and note would be included in the CSV. What I would also like to see would be some unique identifier of the transaction, but that is more of a “nice to have” thing, rather than a need.

Let’s hope someone will take a look at this issue soon.

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Small update, I flagged the issue with Revolut Support again yesterday :crossed_fingers: as well as complaining that they changed the download format of Excel Account Statement from .csv to .xlsx without telling anyone, so now all my macros & Excel Query Analyser code don’t work!

Hi, I have noticed that the currency field now shows the currency of the account and it no longer shows the currency of the transaction, nor the local currency amount. e.g. if I pay stg£1 from my euro account, I will just see a deduction of €1.14 - the download will not alert me that it is a sterling payment and I cannot see the fx rate used to convert it. This was available on the old csv download format. Can it be reinstated? Many thanks

Hi @daithi1970 & welcome to the community, a community of the users and for the users.

I say this because your question “can this be reinstated?” suggests you’re asking me to do something with the code. Sadly this is beyond the scope of my abilities as I am just another :r: user.

That said, I totally agree with you and I too find the unilateral change to export files (without ANY explanatory note) hugly irritating!

Thank you very much, Andreas. When making the request, I was hoping there might be some dedicated revolut folk on the forum who might be in a position to take the issues up! So my apologies for sending it instead to you. And yes, it’s very irritating and frustrating. I have been singing the praises of the revolut experience vis a vis that of the established banks, but this is exactly the sort of incident I have come to expect from the latter. group and I’m shocked to see it happen with revolut

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Hi everyone,

Any updates on the category section? The export is quite useless without to be honest.

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Sadly no update, im “chatting” with Tech Support now, but only because the Select All option (when downloading account transactions) is broken. Further updates to follow…

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Hello and Welcome to the community. :smiling_face:

@AndreasMC Thank you for letting us know. :pray:
@Pascalvanhattem Hope this helps. :rocket:

Veda | Community Team

Well that’s disappointing!

Having spent several days “chatting” with Customer Sopport on the issues of 1) not being able to generate a transactions Statement for ALL currencies at one go in .csv format (it works for .pdf) and 2) reinstating the Categories data in transaction Statement (both .csv & .pdf) I was told these are not bugs, but rather new features which need to be logged as a User Request.

Accordingly I have logged a User Request, but given the usual deference paid by Revolut to customer’s requests…this is the end of the line for this thread i fear.

TTFN Andreas

@AndreasMC Hello :wave:

I understand your frustration. It’s unfortunate that the issues you raised are considered as new features rather than bugs. :confused:
Your suggestions will be considered for future updates. We will keep you informed of any developments. :pray:

Veda | Community Team

Hi, sorry if this post is redundant. I cant manage to find the way to initiate a post…
As of today, CVS export is avaiable. But the Started Date and the Completed Date contain date and time in the same field. I am trying to make some finace manegrs programs (like Money Manager Ex and Kmymoney ) to import the CVS, but get stocked with errors on the date format (obviously).
Any suggestion how to import the CVS and have the program understanding there is a date and a time in the same field?
Also, all those program accept file format as: QIF and OFX beside XML and CVS.
I would need some feedback on this.
And how about the statement of a Joint account?
Thank you

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