Statement with notes


Hi all,

I am using Revolut for my working trips and my company requires me to keep proof of my expenses to then claim back the money I spent. To do so, I number every paper receipts and match them within the app by adding the same number as a note in the relevant transaction, so that I can then show how much I actually spent (via statement) and what for (paper receipt).

Issue is, the statement does not show the notes and it would be great if there was an option to make this happen. What do you think?

Keep up with the great work guys!


Sounds like a great feature suggestion. Will help Revolut continue being a fantastic debit card to use around the globe.



I do my own analysis in excel and so would also like to see my notes. Additionally, I would also like to see an extra column in the csv reports for the corresponding expense categories


The text note in the statement would be a very helpful improvement ! It would allow to recognise more easily the spenditures on a Excel spreadsheet. As many are the same, and the category are too few.