Statement not showing Transactions



I’m very happy with my use of Revolut so far, but have come across a bug when trying to export a statement for work purposes. Not all transactions are displaying in the statement, and the total balance is different to the total balance as displayed in app.

Has anyone else had the same issue? Is it simply a matter of some transactions taking longer to appear on a statement than others whilst they display in real time in-app?



The statements do not include pending payments, I believe. This might explain this.


Possibly a bug - I tried to check my statements today, and they all show completely blank - in-app as well as trying to export statements.


Have you tried to log out / in again? Or to reinstall the app? (I’ve just check. All seems finde here. I am on iOS.)

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Hi Frank. Yes, I’ve reinstalled and everything, no difference.

There’s roughly a £200 difference between the statement total and the app total, which is quite significant.


That fixed the issue for me. Thanks @Frank!!

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Are you in the latest version of the app?


sure, I always update Revolut


Can you please send me a direct message?


I have the same problem, the transactions are shown correctly on the accounts page, but several are missing when extracting a statement.



If I’m not mistaken (and I’m pretty sure I’m not, really), the transactions from the last 10 days might or might not be included when exporting a statement (whether PDF or CSV). Since there’s absolutely no visual clue or warning about this, it was pretty surprising to me (does not respect the principle of least astonishment). I think Revolut should really do something about it (e.g. include every payment while highlighting the ones that aren’t final, if this is what it’s about). Or at the very least, display some message to inform the user the last x days are probably incomplete.



That’s the reason indeed, pending transactions (which have not been cashed yet by the merchants) do not appear on the statement.
Also, if you check your statement you will see the dates will differ (+2-3-4 days) because on the exported statement it does NOT show the transaction date but the merchant cash date (which is usually after 2-7 days, that’s how credit card payments work)
To be honest that’s stupid, I want the actual transaction date in the statement export and also I want it to include pending transactions too
Revolut please change this (or allow us to customize the export if you don’t want to make this a general rule)


Hm, this might be a regulatory thing. This is the relevant date for bookkeeping, the date when the money actually left your account. I am not aware of any other account service that shows the date of the authorization as the transaction date on official statements.

That’s also the reason why pending transactions don’t come up on statements. The money hasn’t left the account yet.