Statement from PayPal regarding Revolut


This statement has been (and is being) provided by PayPal Spain through the phone. However, agents are not authorized to put this on an email or any other form of persistent record

PayPal finally advised me that :r: IBANs cannot be added due to new internal regulations, they’re not allowing non-UK residents to add UK IBANs due to Brexit uncertainty, except some very rare exceptions.

I have formally asked to get a written statement regarding the matter and it has been formally rejected by higher levels of power.

Add Revolut account to Paypal

This is the closest I could get to an official statement:

Semi-ok translation

Dear Julio X X

I remark that linking an English bank account to your Spanish PayPal account is currently not possible.

PayPal works in accordance with Spanish and Eurozone regulations and financial laws, therefore, the process of linking English accounts to accounts that work in another currency is no longer available.

We apologize for the inconvenience and any questions you may have, please contact us.

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