Statement for my Revolut for Business account

When downloading a statement for my Revolut for Business account can it be exported to an excel file?

Seeing as I have not received an answer I shall assume you can’t at this time.

I’ve had the same question, asked support from within Revolut Business (browser). All you can get is a spreadsheet at this time, but other apps are in the works, they will be available later.
I was also a bit concerned about the lack of formal reporting, but my accountant (UK) confirmed a spreadsheet would be acceptable.
Hope this helps you.


I see and how would one get access to this spreadsheet?

Well, I’m just doing it right now for my VAT return.
From the main page, click an account, at the top you will see “get statement” in blue. Clciking it will download a csv file to your default downloads folder. This file opens automatically with Excel.