Statement Export - CSV Date Formatting



Its seems the date field of the CSV is only the day and month, and not including the year, as such importing to Excel and converting to a date value it incorrectly converts it.

Please can we have the Year added to the CSV output



What version of the app do you have and what system (android or iOS) do you use?

I am using v5.29 on Android 8.0 and everything seems fine.

  • However it would be nice if the date format would follow ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd) Excel has a hard time detecting the date. (might be related to language)
    left column: Excel’s detected format, right column: raw data (csv in notepad)

  • Excel also doesn’t like the preformatted balance, e.g. 1,234.56. Please strip that comma.

  • Remove leading and trailing blanks from the field values.


Using iOS - latest version

It seems its not showing the current year, only previous:


Did you open it in a text editor?
This might be due to Excel’s auto format.
Home tab -> Number group -> dropdown select short date


It would also be nice to add the time at which the transaction occured, for ex: 2018-12-30 at 20:34


Also using IOS.

It is not due to Excel auto format - Revolut puts all the dates from the current year as , and then it puts all dates from previous year with the actual year.

Be great to have this fixed


Yes, one more user supporting this request here!!
Thanks Revolut!