Statement Code?


One site recently asked me the code to verify. can anyone suggest me where can i see specific code in statement? the amount has been deducted 3 hours ago and still cant find the code.
Any help?
Also forgot to mention, the card i used is Revolut virtual card. so the site is asking me for the code from the card i used.

Transaction authorization code needed

Do you mean the security code to verify online payments when the physical card is not presented to a merchant? It’s the three numbers on the signature field on the back of the card.


hi frank. no not that. they said that its a code in my revolut card statement which is a virtual card. they want that. the amount is 1GBP. and it contains one 5 digit code i want to know that so i can verify my purchase online.


Ah, okay. Like a PayPal verification. Create a statement in the app, then check the column “Reference” for the code.

(You don’t have to create the statement. The Reference column is identical to the text that you see in the app’s cashflow stream.)


Hi @Leenah,

Yes. It sounds like pre verification as @Frank mentioned. If the transaction is still pending you will need to wait until the transaction authorised.


hi frank, yes i tried that but its not showing code. i tired generating statement in pdf. and when i opened it, it doesnt consist a code in reference. it just have name of the site. nothing else


@AndreasK i see now the authorization has been completed and pending status has been removed. Still i am not able to see code below reference column. Please help its urgent.


I have sent you a direct message.


Problem solved. Due to highly supporting support of revolut.
Thank you sir,.


Im glad I was able to help!