Stated top up currencies not available


Hi folks. I was reading your FAQs, which state that top ups are available in the 26 holding currencies, but when I try to top up, I’m only shown 9 of them. Please see the below for screenshots. (For context, id like to top up in SGD from a Singapore bank account).


You can top up in SGD by bank transfer, I often do it. But not by debit/credit card.

I do hope we’ll get SGD debit card top up soon as well.

That said, most bank in SG charge crossboarder fees so not even sure it will worth it unless Revolut locally processes the transaction which is not likely to be the case.

Most bank in SG charge between 0.8% and 1% for that.



The screenshot you shared is for card top-up which is more restrictive like I explained.

They made a change in the newest version of the app and the transfer top-up is now complicated to find.

So now you need to click on the settings icon located on the upper-left corner, then select the SGD account to display the bank ID of the account you can transfer money to.

Not very intuitive by the way if I may… @AndreasK


I see! Thank you for that Arnaud. Not intuitive at all I must say. So the ‘topup’ Menu itself only really shows you how to topup in the 9 card currencies.

I will post a feedback/idea suggesting all 26 holding currencies have the ability to topup either by card OR bank transfer :slight_smile:

Many thanks