started premium trying to wire from U.S account


Trying to wire transfer monies for the purchase of a home in the U. K. with savings from the U.S. Can someone explain this to me like a 4 yr old. I have my personal account setup in the UK.

I want to transfer 180,000 USD using your system since the exchange rate will actually save me a chunk of change. I am beginning to feel stupid here. I see the topup is only set at 12,000. Does this mean its only for small amounts. Based on the info I looked at this was usable for larger amounts. its only now that I am getting into it, it seems its only for people going on vacation ad spending smaller amounts. Please Help me, I know I must be misunderstanding the app somehow.


You need to contact support first and ask them to raise your annual top up limit. You need to provide paperwork that proofs the source of the funds.

You can find more about this in the FAQs with some examples for this.


Tried the support group, they say just add documents but what I am not getting out of them so far is where and what. I guess there is suppose to be a button in top up that allows me to add documents and I don’t have any such thing in either my iPhone app or android.


Hey @transferwonderer :slight_smile:

It should be in the More tab, under Profile -> Verification & Limits. Else, you can click the clip (attach) icon in the in-app support chat :wink: