Starbucks in Japan


I’ve been using revolut regularly in Japan for three weeks. But it’s just getting too confusing as to how transactions are being processed.

Sometimes they get reverted a few days after they’ve gone through. And then they get updated to completed. All well and good.

But today I’ve had six payments be debited for a second time. These new transactions are completed, but the originals are now pending. But both have been debited.

And to make it more confusing, both have corresponding transfers to my vault.

I know all this has been explained before as a merchant/bank issue, and I get that. But I’ve never experienced this before and it’s making it impossible to keep track of spending.

I think I’ll stop using revolut in Japan. At least in Starbucks anyway!

Anyone else getting this particularly with Starbucks?


I have been getting the same problem too from Starbucks in japan. I thought I had excess yen which i have converted back to sterling, but am now thinking that these payments will eventually get completed.

There are other similar threads about payments being randomly “reverted” (not just starbucks) but little guidance given from Revolut on this.



I’ve had thousands of Yen returned to me because they haven’t taken the payments within 7 days. The problem is the merchant can still, and rightfully, take the money- but Revolut makes to impossible to know.


Wouldn’t feel too bad about it, they can rightfully claim the money but they’re unlikely to if they haven’t claimed it within a week. On top of that they shouldn’t be authorising in USD and charging in JPY anyways