Standing order question


Hi. Have just received my revolut prepaid card. Would like to top up from my current account by standing order. Is this possible? What details do i need to specify for the bank?
Thanks. M.


In the app: Profile -> Bank Account
Don’t forget the reference


Hi thanks. I did profile, current account details, gbp and then activate account. No sign of a reference field. This displayed an account number and sort code i do not recognise. I think I’ve done something wrong!


at the top you can swipe right and get the IBAN rather than the sort code and the account number

If the account is in your name, then you probably won’t need a reference (I’m assuming you are a UK resident), otherwise, if the name on the account is Revolut LTD, then you will need to specify the provided reference.


Thanks very much for persevering with this - I’m still confused!
I guess the account tab and Iban tab are just different ways of describing the same account? But i don’t recognise that account! i am worried i may have just created a new revolut current account which was not my intention. What i want is to find details for my revolut card which i could use to create a standing order top-up from my existing non-revolut current account. Perhaps this new revolut account is in fact my prepaid card? Thanks again! M.


Hi M, do you happen to live in the UK? Because if you do, you should have your own GBP account, so there won’t be any kind of reference code. If there were any, it would look like this:

Just check if under “Beneficiary” it says your name or REVOLUT LTD :grinning:


Hi there. I am indeed in the UK. Wasn’t sure that the account number and sort code were what I needed to set up a payment. They are, and I have! Thanks both for your help. I’m sure I will get used to this app eventually…M.


You can even top up with card, and set up Auto Top ups :slight_smile:


Thank you Andreas. M.