Standard user - where's Turbo Boost transfers?


Hi all,

New to Revolut.
Tried an international transfer today but, was unable to spot where the Turbo Boost option is.

I hit send, the transfer was made and, to my surprise, the expected date is only after two full working days, Tuesday. While, with my regular Bank account is always on the next following working day, so it would be Friday.

I’m regretting this already because the transfer was for my mother’s birthday that will happen Sunday.


Can anyone help?

Thank you


Hey @oicram :slight_smile:

Where did you make this transfer to?
If it was to the EU and in Euros, it will happen either the same day or next working day, and it’s already Turbo as it’s a SEPA one, no chance to make it faster through :r: :wink:

If that’s the case, I’d recommend ignoring the expected arrival date for now and checking the destination account tomorrow :wink:


the Turbo thing refers to transfers between two :r:evolut users, those are instant.


It’s from a UK to a EUR account.
But using the bank app, within these same bank accounts, the money is available on the next following day.

As far as the turbo boost thing goes, I had the impression that we have to pay a £5 fee or something, to make it happen, unless you are premium and, in that case, you wouln’t pay that value.

Does this help clarifying?

Thanks for being around. Appreciated.



As @Juliopp mentioned, on the EUR side there is no way of making it faster than SEPA unless you got an account on the same bank, and with SEPA you only get same day when making the transfer early in the morning… and many times not even that.

Update: It seems SEPA got faster :stuck_out_tongue:


EUR account where? Within the SEPA area?


Only for eight countries, sender and receiver have to be enrolled, and the entire thing is optional in the first place :slight_smile:


Still it’s a bit sad that lazy old banks support this while Revolut does not :confused:


I’m still wondering what do they mean by “turbo-boost transfers”


You mean the instant part? From my understanding the UK itself is not part of that yet.


But there is a UK bank on the participants list?


Cant tell you how come. There are generally a few countries on that list, that are not listed as participating members


Maybe that’s because my list is an updated version and by now there is a UK bank? I’m not sure how they’ve generated that country list, but probably taking those countries with a at least one bank that participates.


Could be. It actually does seem more countries have joined by now


Well, Sepa may be wonderful and amazing, but bottom line:

  • with my bank, this transfer takes 1 working day. With resolut, I’m still waiting.
    Yes, both SEPA.

  • Turbo bla bla seems like something, but apparently is nothing.

Oh well.


I’d expect it to be one day with Revolut as well.

When did you send it and where to?


Last Thursday, around 20h.
From UK to Portugal.

But I’ve only received an email from resolut telling me that the transfer happen Friday.

Curious to see if the money arrives Monday, or Tuesday.



I really wish revolut gets their act together soon and stops relying on prepaid solutions for everything.

Been primarily focused on moving money at least they should have direct access to fast payments and SEPA.


I got two emails.

One on the 10th that says: Transfer was submitted.
The other in the 11th saying: Transfer Executed.

What does executed mean?

Thanks for being around btw.


I believe executed in this context means that it was sent by the institution of origin.

I’m waiting for a SWIFT/USD from transferwise from the 8th which is in progress but I don’t expect to hear from it before tuesday anyway. (no top-up by card for business accounts here in :r:evolut)