Standard transactions with premium card


Is it possible to make standard transactions with the premium card? I’m asking because I’ll subscribe premium for a month but will then cancel it so I’d like to know if I can still make normal payments/withdrawals with the premium card afterwards


Yes, you can keep your premium card. More about it in the FAQs. :wink:


You can cancel within 14 days if you not use any of the premium benefits.

So. What you want is not really possible unless you subscribe for a year.


As I’ve read in FAQ, premium cards are canceled in the same time with the premium subscription


I think that changed recently.

If I cancel my Premium subscription can I continue to be a Standard User?
You can continue to use your Revolut Premium card as a Standard User, with the option to upgrade back to Premium if you change your mind!


Now rechecked. Yes. You’re right :slight_smile: