Standard plans can now earn 0.15% annual interest on GBP funds 🤑

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With restaurants and shops reopening, it’s only natural that we’ll be spending a little more. With Savings Vaults, you can make sure your hard-earned cash isn’t sacrificed at the expense of retail therapy (at least not all of it).

Now available to all UK customers, Saving Vaults deposits are protected up to £85,000. With annual interest of 0.15% - and up to 0.4% on our paid plans - you can maximise your money, all without fees or commitments.

Learn more: Revolut Blog

The only question is: what will you be saving up for? :moneybag:

Team Revolut


Will this be extended to non-UK customers?


I ask the same question. :wink:

Hi there! There’s no official info about it yet, but we’re working on expansion daily :rocket: Please follow our social media for updates.


Hi, it’s a good start.
However, competitors offer about 10-12% without searching too hard. I personally just moved all my savings from my High Street bank to 2 pure players to mitigate risk.
Too bad Revolut isn’t competitive on that one because it would have been my first choice.
Come on :r: you can do better!

Any chance we could see this implemented for vaults in Euro?

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