Standard card delivery to Romania


I’ve ordered a standard physical card to Romania, but, a week after the deadline, I still haven’t received it. Even though the mail stated that I’ll receive a tracking code number, the support told me there is none and I should wait for the card for a bit longer. Which I did. What I was curious about is the delivery method.

If someone from Romania ordered and received their card, how did you receive it? Via a private courier or through postal services? The support told me it’s probably through DHL but I wanted a confirmation from someone that actually received it.



I did not received mine too… we know how things works in Romania :laughing:

If it’s express then yes, DHL. For DHL it took two days to deliver my card to Manila… 2 days!
If not, good luck si mult succes with Posta Romana. :frowning:

Report it in the app as lost and reorder it. Or do this in chat. They refunded me the delivery fee (but i became Premium user few weeks after, maybe thats why)

Anyway, as I’ve read here the 1st delivery fee can be refunded, you’ll pay the second one…

Succes :slight_smile:


Hi Iskender,

I’ll reorder it. There’s no luck for me, I suppose. I know some guys that ordered it in January 2018 and received the card even earlier than the deadline, which is nice, with Posta Romana, not DHL since it’s a standard delivery.




Ordered mine on 14 December, arrived on 14 January with Posta Romana.


I finally received mine. Was supposed to arrive on 29th of January but received it on 5 February in my mail. Not too bad since we’re dealing with national postal services and it’s also not Revolut’s fault at all.