Sri Lanka


I will go to Sri Lanka in two weeks. I would like know if the revolut card work there ? Because the local currency si the LKR Thanks in advance !


Hi @Lucas, I recommend to invest some time and to fully read the FAQs. They offer plenty of useful informations about how everything works, including a list of supported currencies.


The Revolut card supports over 120 currencies, including LKR :slight_smile: I agree with @Frank, this is mentioned in the FAQ.


FAQ states it supports LKR, but it is not listed as available currency for exchange in the app for some reason.


There is no LKR account (yet), but any of your other currencies will automatically convert into it at the best rate when you spend in LKR! :slight_smile:


I wanted to check the exchange rate to avoid surprises like 2% fees because of xy reasons :slight_smile: But I hope that it is liquid enough for GBP and USD…


You can check the LKR rate from within the app! (Supported currencies and currencies that can be held/exchanged are two different things.)


You cannot, as I mentioned ^^ it is not listed as available currency for exchange in the app … IDK how else to check the exchange rate. Or what am I missing ?


You are looking in the wrong place. :wink:
Not “exchange”!

Tap on “rates”, the little round icon in the upper right corner. (I’ve checked this.)


@Lucas so did you use the card in sri lanka? Did you withdraw money from the ATM?