Sport club

I am going to create a very humble sports club. Not for profit. We will only be a few members. The club will have little income.
Is it possible to create an account without costs ?
And the most important,
I would like the account to be in the name of the club.


Hello @FM_spain16 :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. Thanks for thinking of us when it comes to opening an account. You have the option to open a business account with us using your club’s name. Select our “Basic Plan” that doesn’t have any subscription fees attached. You can view the detailed plan here. Just keep in mind that if your club is categorized as a “Non-profit organization,” we won’t be able to set you up with a business account right now.

Applying for a Revolut Business account is easy - just fill out the application form here. It’ll be done in around 10 minutes. Make sure to review our eligibility criteria here.

Throughout the application process, we may request certain documents from you and your business. We’ll provide more detailed explanations as you move forward. If you need some general guidance, feel free to browse through the onboarding articles. Hope this helps! :hugs:

SG | Community Team