Splitwise-like funcionality


Just wanted to give you an idea for a new functionality.

The idea in a nutshell is either integrate with Spiltwise or have a Spiltwise-like functionality, with the extra of settling the debts to friends without effort.

The point is to be able to register shared expenses (imagine holidays with friends) and have a place to keep track and simplify the settling (if A owes B and B owes C, then A owes C).

Spiltwise does an amazing job at this. However, there is no automatic way to transfer the funds to friends. That is where Revolut could step in and with a click of a button allow users to pay their debts.

Hope you find this suggestion helpful.




Not familiar with Splitwise but is that not already what :r: split bill feature already does?

Not exactly. I used it on a roadtrip with a friend, we spent 9 days visiting 6 countries and everything was split. Instead of constantly giving each other money we decided that we would take turns paying. We would always add who paid what to Splitwise. In the end someone was in debt of about 60€ and just transferred.

This is to avoid splitting every single bill. Instead, you just keep getting “debt”, you control who owes money and the next person pays. In the end the one who’s still in debt pays the other.

Harder to explain, the app is super simple so is the concept.

My favorite app for this is Settle Up.

I’m not sure if I like the idea of something like this being integrated into Revolut at this point, but developers from apps like Settle Up / Splitwise could offer a Revolut integration.

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It looks really nice, does it have a paid plan or is it 100% free? By their website it doesn’t look like it’s paid.

Settle up is not a subscription but a one time app purchase. Works well with multiple currencies and cross iOS / Android. It’s simpler than Splitwise but does the trick.

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I asked similar features about a year ago. Definitely there’s a lot to improve in revolut. And this is quite easy feature to do. Especially when you go to a trip with friends and revolut can easily recognize the payments in certain country. At the moment it quite dumb that for example when I have 60 dollar bill to split from restaurant and I type to myself 40 dollars I still have to manually write to another participant 20 dollars etc etc. Splitwise/travel money has solved this way better.

Happy to see the positive feedback so far. I think this feature would not only be helpful for us, users, but it helps Revolut to create a community. I see this feature working something like this: 1) I am able to register debts with my friends (based on their phone number), even if they don’t have revolut 2) I am able to settle my debts with one-click button with my Revolut friends. With my non Revolut friends the experience will be exactly the same as with Spiltwise.

yes, having that would be nice

Any feedback from Revolut ? Would be great to see if this idea makes the cut