Splitting Shared Bills from Receipts

Problem: If my 6 friends and I go shopping on holiday and buy lots of items, and for example 4 people buy beer, 2 are gluten intolerant and don’t want milk, 3 buy a chip together, etc, and I end up paying for the whole thing. It’s very complicated to calculate this on the receipt afterwards, how much each person has to pay.


  1. Users upload receipt photo.
  2. Revolut parses receipt data to items with names and prices
  3. Users select who each item pertains to.
  4. Revolut calculates individual costs, and you can split the bill with the items

Hello @Pallagj and welcome to our Community :wave:

Thank you for sharing this amazing idea with us. We couldn’t agree more that this would save us all some minutes (if not hours) :joy:

We will pass your feedback onto our team for their consideration.

Thank you :pray:

Veda Ramesh I Community Specialist