Split Cash Category Into Others

@SG.Mandal can you please also create the following for me then?

I’d like to revive the idea of sub-categorizing cash withdrawals into other existing categories.
This existed in a post from back in 2017, which was revived in 2020 and was archived a year ago without a due resolution.

The situation is simple: I live in Portugal, where unfortunately many places still don’t accept card payments (don’t ask me why). This means that currently, if I withdraw 200 euros, it just becomes a “cash” expenditure, which is really as meaningless as a “card” expenditure, i.e. it says how I spent the money but not in what as the other categories do.

And I know I can change the category from “cash” into another one, but that’s not the point: these 200 euros are in general spent on different things, so the idea is to “transform” sub-parts of these 200 euros into whichever categories they were spent on, say 50 on groceries, 20 on restaurants, etc.

One could go even further and say that “cash expenditures” should not be accounted as expenditures until they are categorized: if I’ve just gone to the ATM and withdrew 200 euros, I still have those 200 euros, they just happen to be physically in my pocket now. So strictly speaking this amount should not be deducted from my total wealth or accounted as an expense unless the user actually logs that it’s been spent, and on what. I do get that this could become annoying even for control freaks like myself but it could at least be an optional feature.


Welcome to our community @ffis :wave:. Thank you for sharing your idea with us. Stay tuned. :r:

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But you miss the fact on your account you took out 200 so it’s accurate.

Analytics bases its view on your account spend not your lifestyle spend, you’ll need to create your own spreadsheet to consume that data by adding it manually.

200 cash withdrawal is correct.

50 shopping and 150 haircut isn’t part of revolut.

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Well, it’s obviously “correct”, but there’s a gazillion ways how personal finance management works and what app providers offer to support this.

Revolut seems to aim for a “comprehensive” view of someone’s financial situation with offering to link third party payment and credit accounts. None of these informations are “part of Revolut”. Adding this extra level of granularity for cash seems to fit this idea for being as comprehensive as possible. You’ll find this in apps by competitors.

Anyone trying to use envelope budgeting would have to split up cash withdrawals and allocate it to various budgets. It’s not a question of correct or not. It’s—in my opinion—a valid feature request.

(I am not using Revolut’s statistics. I wouldn’t use that feature.)


I have shared this idea with our team. Stay tuned. :rocket:

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