Spending Bitcoin on coffee - Oops, I found a bug!

Can’t find any help topics or community posts on this…

Is there any way I can stop my card from flipping from my GBP account (the one I use on a daily basis) to using my Bitcoin account for transactions when I run out of funds?

Eg. I was paying for a coffee using my card, my GBP account had run out of funds (doh!) so my Bitcoin account was used. Not cool!

The obvious workaround is to keep my GBP account topped up however, I’m wondering if there was a setting I’ve missed or this is a bug.

Can anyone help?

It is not bug. It is a feature:

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As redi pointed out, that is not a bug but the intended behaviour.

Either keep the funds in a vault or deactivate the Bitcoin account. Both will stop deductions in these cases.


Ah Ha!
That’s exactly the answer I was looking for.
Thanks to you both.