Spending and top-up activity does not show up in app


Hi all.
Looks like Revolut finally found a nasty way how to force me to upgrade to app version 5.x

I am still using 4.16.0 becouse there is (was) nothing wrong about it, it just worked fine and provided cool blue background color and nice interface.

But some time ago I noticed that none of my spending activity shows up in analytics and in general page. This also happens with top-ups. Money is correctly deducted/or added to/from revolut account (remaining amount shows correctly in app), when I’m spending money, there is also push notification, but that about it. No changes in analytics and transactions does not show up in app. Which of course is not acceptable.

So I will be forced to upgrade to latest app v5.26 (on android) and loose that nice blue background in return getting sea of white :-1:

Those who use 5.26 on android, please confirm that everything works fine for you and there is no issues (with analytics not showing up etc).

Also please confirm that there is a way how to completely disable VAULTS feature as I dont see point of using it. I transfer money to revolut card to spend it, not to save it.


Are you sure you’re not just like, expecting too much from an out of date version? Their newer versions are meant for more updated versions of their server software.

If you don’t like it, you’re free to close your account.

There are currently issues with the currency conversion section of the app, although they’re fixing this currently.

They want to become your main bank - regardless of where you move (although they’re obviously not a bank yet :unamused:) so they want to offer all the features.

You can’t disable vaults - you can just not use them.


Ok, upgraded to 5.26.
Sure enough all latest transactions/top-up shows up now.

But, da**, that graph thing is super annoying/un-needed :frowning:
Guess I will need to “live” with it now.

And of course everything is just white. Cool blue is gone.
At least they could offer “dark” theme.


Of course they would?

Yes, dark theme please @Revolut