Spend More, Get More 🪪

You heard it right! The more you spend, the more you get the card details. :wink: :wink:

Yes. I’m talking about Disposable Virtual Cards. We know how much you love your shopping and online payment is the best option for it. Your security is a top priority for us.

Revolut wants to remind you that you can use your Virtual Disposable Card to keep your money safe and for extra peace of mind when shopping online.

How can you get this card? :thinking:

It’s very easy and the main highlight is; it is available to all the Revolut users. You need to do the following things:

  1. Update to latest version of your :r: app
  2. Head over to the ‘Cards’ tab
  3. Tap the ‘+ Add Card’ button, then select ‘Virtual debit card
  4. Swipe right to ‘Disposable Virtual Card’, tap on the pink button and press ‘Get disposable virtual card’ and done.

How will it secure your online payment?:moneybag:

Simple! Every time you use one card to make an online payment, our system will automatically detect the transaction and will destroy those card details. You can see your new card details instantly in the app for your next purchase. This will add an extra layer of security and will protect you against any kind of online card fraud, specially, when you’re paying on an unknown website.

How will I get a refund if I return anything? :expressionless:

Don’t worry. You will get your refund straight in your Revolut account.:star_struck:

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Do you mean revolut customer :eyes::sweat_smile:


I have the widget for fast access to virtual disposable cards on my start screen. :hugs:

And by the way, the possibility to copy every single card detail to the clipboard with only one click is a very useful feature!


guess you can still bin the newly generated card completely as an anti-fraud measure…

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Thanks for the feedback @Kamika242 @Graham_Lees. :star:


The app changed a while ago. New numbers aren’t generated until you tap to reveal them.

(I don’t use Shopper, so I don’t know how it works there.)


so, if you don’t tap, no number is generated until you do.
Good to know but if you do it out of idle curiosity, is there a way to reverse it?