Speed of transactions

Hello Revolutionaries!

I am trying to understand why a transfer with “normal” Revolut takes a few hours, and a transfer with Revolut Business takes many days. How is Revolut Business different from an “old fashioned” business bank account? Why the long delays in transfers?

Hello again @mdekkers :slight_smile:

Local UK payments are supposed to take up to 1 business days max. All other payments - SEPA and SWIFT reach us normally within 3 business days.
It’s possible that the transfer is missing some important details and therefore is delayed. If you could provide us with a proof of your payment via chat, we will be more than happy to help!

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Hello @olga_revolut :slight_smile:

In this case it is an outgoing payment from the Revolut Business account to counterparties in Germany (N26) and the Czech Republic. The transfer to N26 took 2 or 3 days, and the transfer to the Czech Republic noted it would take almost a week.

I also noted that the payment to N26 came in as originating from “The Currency Cloud”. Is it at all possible to have this as coming from my own business? I have applied for IBANs for my account, but I expect I will be a pensioner by the time these are issued…

Isn’t SEPA supposed to be faster?