Spanish issued cards


Hi :slight_smile:

Does a Spanish resident get a local issued card now?


I believe you may as I’ve heard reports of Spanish residents getting no DCC prompts.

Mastercard actually banned these for prepaid multi-currency accounts though so you should be fine


Ok, thank you :). But many Spanish online shops only accept Spanish cards. Do the revolut cards have a Spanish BIN if issued to a Spanish resident?


Huh, wasn’t aware of this.

Could @NFH confirm if this is legal? :wink:

@AndreasK could you confirm if Spanish residents get locally issued BIN numbers?

Alternatively, can any spaniards here post the first 6 digits of their debit card numbers?


This is a clear breach of Article 5(1) of Regulation (EU) 2018/302. Report specific breaches by Spanish merchants to and formally request enforcement action.