(SOVED) I asked for "change of address" and instead seems that I got blocked (?)



I am from Cyprus and currently living temporarily in the US. I downloaded the revolut app and signed in with my Cyprus mobile phone number but mindlessly I gave my temporary US address. Thus, I got on the waiting list for the US Revolut…

I wanted to change my address to use my Cyprus home address. I contacted a Revolut ambassador (Yango-George Yiangoullis) and asked him to help me change address. He said that I should request my account to be deleted so I can re-create it with my Cyprus home address — and thus I did so. Andrius Biceika responded saying he’ll sort out the issue. He then went on and deleted my Revolut account and replied saying “we deleted his account – he’s free to create a new one”. Since then, though, I cannot create any account. I must have been added to some sort of black list/scam list? I don’t know…

Could somebody help me sort out this issue please?


As I can see you’ve created two accounts, but it seems that our support team has helped you out :slight_smile:

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