South African mobile number not working in Malta

Can I use a pay as you go sim in malta to open an account ?

Hey @tonyalehtinen :slight_smile:

Yes, but remember you have to change your account’s phone number before changing the SIM :wink:


I have not even been able to get an account. It keeps saying "oops something went wrong"
I put in a new simcard so that I can apply for a banking account ( its a pay as you go ) but after entering my phone number I cannot even use the continue icon

Hey @tonyalehtinen :slight_smile:

If you’re from South Africa, I’m afraid :r: doesn’t offer their services in South Africa yet and that might be the reason you’re facing problems :frowning:

Still, even if you’re able to open an account with a Maltese phone number, sooner or later you will be asked to provide a valid ID from one of the supported countries:


Thank you- are you sure, I have contacts in SA which are using R. ?? Maybe
a foreign passport ?


Hey @tonyalehtinen :slight_smile:

I can not state that it is impossible, I am just telling you what the FAQ says. I don’t know if there’s any workaround (I don’t believe so), but perhaps @AndreasK can confirm so? :wink:

EDIT: sure, if you have a valid passport issued by any of the “supported” countries, you should be able to apply for an account :wink:

Are you a legal resident in the EEA?

Hello Andreas
Sadly not yet. I am still on South African passport and no resident papers
in EU

Any advice is helpful, tx


Sadly without being a legal resident in EEA you can’t yet open an account…

:weary: I am working on it! Thank you

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Just for info. I’m resident in Malta and using Revolut successfully for some time now. As are a lot of my local friends. So once you get residency shouldn’t be a problem to open an account :slight_smile:

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Hi AndreasK,

I am french with a South African mobile phone, can I open an account ?

Which country are you resident in?

I am french resident but I dont have a European Number / Sim Card, I am a tourist in SA

I am french resident but I dont have a European Number / Sim Card, I am a tourist in SA

I changed my name so not sure you received my answer, tahnks !

So are you legally resident in France? Or are you staying in South Africa? And if so how long?

I am legally a french resident and I am staying in SA, I dont know for how long life is pretty sweet down there :slight_smile:

I’m sure :). You may be able to open an account using your French residence, but you’ll have to check with the Revolut support staff themselves. Maybe @AndreasK can clarify?

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That’s right. You will need an EEA phone number and address.

ok noted thanks guys !!
have a good one