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No cost ATMs in SA please?

@PKC - Revolut doesn’t charge for ATM use in South Africa. From your 6 words, that’s all we can understand you’re asking for.


The monthly free ATM withdrawal limit is 200GBP, then there is a 2% fee. Also be careful for the external terminal fees!

You can go to this link:

It will show you the closest ATM terminals, and in the search settings you can choose to only show you the terminals with no fees!

Thanks. I understand that Revolut doesn’t charge but my query was which banks don’t charge fees for Revolut ATM use.

I used Nedbank ATM was no charge. It was 16 March

Perfect - thank you.

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Hi Paul,

May I ask how you were able to register to Revolut? I downloaded the app, but upon selecting South Africa as country it simply says that their services are not available in SA and refuses to go any further.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Johan

Sadly it’s not directly available. You can only do it if you share citizenship with another country and work from there.

Best, Paul

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Update if anyone is interested (March 2018)

FNB - no fee
Nedbank - no fee
ABSA - fee (50 ZAR in my tests - 250/500 ZAR)
Standard Chartered - fee (50 ZAR in my test - 500 ZAR)


Hi, I’m in South Africa now, Cape town, and I’ve tried Ned bank and FNB and both charging 50 rand :frowning:

Try Capitec but no guarantees there either.

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Correction, today withdraw at Nedbank fees R50(19.March 19)

CAPITEC BANK does not charge the 50 ZAR ATM fee that the other banks charge!

Travelmaster is correct.
ABSA, First National Bank, Nedbank and Standard Bank all charge ZAR 50 (nearly £3) for using their ATMs, regardless of the amount of cash withdrawn.
Capitec Bank does not levy a fee.