Source of funds proof documents in another language


Hi, I’ve recently reached my annual limit on Revolut and am asked to verify my source of funds, which come from the sale of a property.
The sale contract, however is not in English and the proceeds from the sale are in my local currency.
How should I proceed with the verification?

Alternatively, if the annual limit will be reset during January, I think the verification will no longer be necessary, so a timeline for this reset would also be appreciated.

I’m currently a resident in the UK, but my nationality is from another EU country.


To increase annual limit choose More> Profile> Verification and limits, the blue button "Verify income source"
About time of renewal you can read here:


Thanks for your help, but that’s not what I asked. I’ll expect an answer from one of the admins.


HI there. What language is it?


Hi, it’s in Romanian.


That’s fine. We receive many documents in different languages, we can translate it :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ll get them ready and upload them in the app.
Thank you for your help!