Sort Code for wire from USD account

I am trying to wire money from my Chase USD account to the Revolut wire details provided in the top up Bank Transfer section of the app. When wiring my bank is asking for a sort code so my question is what sort code do I neee to provide them?

I dont know what IBAN you have.
But afaik (not sure)
Use at youre own risk
If you have a iban

GB is the country
00 (first 2 digits) is the check number
LOYD is the Bank Code
0000 00 (first six numbers after bank code) is the sort code (starting at 30 or something between 30 and 39)
00 0000 00 (last 8 numbers) is the account number

As an example

GB00 LOYD 3080 1200 0000 00

Thanks a lot, it is part of the IBAN as you noted. For Lloyds it is that 30 80 12

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Can you tell me when the money is arrived on youre revolut account ?