Sort Code and Account Number Out of Iban

I am a customer both of Revolut (Premium) and Revolut Business.
I need to transfer GBP from my Revolut Premium account to my Revolut Business account.
While creating the contact for transfert (id est my company) in the revolut ap, it is asking for sort Count and account number (which are Revolut’s in the ENd).

  1. I can’t find the Correct LLoyds bank Sort code.
  2. The revo Ibans are GB00 LOYD 0000 0000 000 00
    Where is the account number in the Iban?


IBANs are used when sending Euros.

If you’re sending GBP, you should use Bacs Payment Schemes (Bacs), which requires indeed an account number and a sort code.

You will find these details in Revolut for business by going on the main screen, select your GBP account, and go to “account details”. You will have the account number and sort code that you’re looking for.

Thanks, i’ll have a look at this :slight_smile:

It seems that when trying to add a beneficiary, the IBAN # field is no longer within the app.
So, how do I go about setting up a beneficiary within the SEPA scheme?