Sort code and account number activation

I am having trouble being able to top up by bank transfer as the app won’t show me the sort code or account number and nothing happens when I click the button to 'activate account '. Support just gives automated answers which is not helpful.

Revolut do you have any suggestions of what to do as I need to get this sorted by tomorrow.


Don’t hold me to this but if yours is a GBP account then I believe the Sort Code needed is 30-80-12
If you click on IBAN there is a eight digit reference number at the top which will be your unique account number. To confirm that if you locate your first top up into your Revolt account by debit card tap on it then you should see in the top right corner of the pop up screen an icon looking like a document tap that it takes you to the PDF statements for your revolt account and looking carefully you will see an account number on the that statement which will match the eight digit reference number for the IBAN

Please correct me Revolt if I am wrong ! Otherwise hope that helps ?