Sorry something went wrong please try later

hi there,
I have tried setting up a Revolut account for many times but in vain all the time. Every time when I entered my 4 number pin codes, an error message appeared (i.e. Sorry something went wrong please try later). I have tried reinstalling it for many times but the problem still exists.

Would be grateful if you could help fix it.

Thank you in advance.


Have you tried to force close the :R: app and then re-launch it again?

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yeah i did it many times but still couldn’t register successfully

Same here… I’ve gave up

Hi have been trying to set up revolut for a few days but just get sorry something went wrong please try later tried deleting app and started again but now this happens when I put in my number

Hi I see revolut announced they have 1 million customers in Ireland you could have another 1 if you would help me with this issue please

Hi i have been locked out of my account after relocating due to pandemic. I initially go access to chat through app and followed the instructions of the agent as i believe he altered my mobile number linked to me account. Now i can’t even access to app as either i get the “something has gone wrong” message or can’t get pass the passcode stage using previous number. Can someone pls help.

I get the same error but whenever i try to add money via debit card or bank account and seems like Zero help from Support. I’m only able to add $20 at a time via Apple Pay. Same card I’m not able to use it at all. Bank accounts same issue. All i get is We’re sorry Something went wrong please try again later.