Sorry newby question Ref Unique 8 digit #


I want to transfer some money from Revolut to my bank account but it’s asking for my unique 8 digit number ? Where do I find this number please


You mean from Revolut or to Revolut?
What is the exact message that you get?

Also: How old is your account? Are you already fully verified?


Do you mean this?


Please how do you get to this page on the app

I’m trying to send a small som from rev to my bank and it’s asking for my unique 8 digit number

Many thanks


Payments> bank transfer> add beneficiary> to myself> Greece, EUR> IBAN, BIC/SWIFT> add beneficiary (button)
Then choose beneficiary and… This is it :wink:


Thank you guys for your awesome help. I just transferred £1 to my own bank account without a problem

But my friend is trying with her App and she only joined Rev today. She is trying to send from Rev to her bank and her App is asking for her unique 8 digit code ?

I only got the app a few days ago and made only one £1 test transfer :slight_smile:

Again thx


Is she verified? Until verification is done there is impossible to send money.