Something wrong with my transfer


Last Saturday 27th I’ve transferred 100 euros from my Euro account to my Revolut account. On my Euro bank account statement says the money has been transferred but I didn’t receive the money in my Revolut. Usually, the bank transfers take about 2 days to reach my Revolut account but is being 5 days already.
Tried to contact the support team via app but no-one replies. Can you please help me? Thank you, Joana

Transfer from Paypal still pending

There was a hiccup with the IBAN / BIC database. You might be affected by this. There are several threads about this. This one for example:



I have the same problem with €1000

And i still get the same replies that they dont see it in there system … that i have to recall it with my bank…

Im getting really sick of this,

My bank told me its left the bank they cant recall it!


You can double check IBAN / BIC from your outgoing transfer. You might be affected by this database hiccup. More about it in the thread I linked 2 posts up.


I understand but when this is gonna be fixed? This is going to ruin my vacation if im not getting my money back soon


Support said it was fixed from last Tuesday onwards. Please read the tread I linked with the official statement from support that I linked. Your question are answered there.

You can also check it yourself: when the BIC your online banking deprives from the IBAN matches the BIC shown in the Revolut app, your bank’s database is back up to date with the correct details and everything should work again. If it isn’t, you can also transfer money to the pooled account + reference code instead (instead of using your personal IBAN.)

You can also check your outgoing transfer this way and see if you might be affected by this problem. If yes, the money should bounce back automatically. This might take a couple of days. It not only depends on Revolut (who caused the problem), but also on your bank how they are handling failed transfers.


Same problem. Have been trying to sort out missing funds for two days. Now support has stopped responding for over 2 hours


You can check yourself if the hiccup is a probable cause four the transfer in limbo.



I have a similar problem. I’ ve send 4000€ from 4 different bank accounts (1000€ from each one) and I received just 3000€. The money were send the same day, approximately the same time. I followed the procedure you have already mentioned, I’ ve contacted the sender’s bank after Revolut’ s support advice me to do and they said that money will be bounced back to sender’s account once Revolut give them back, plus the sender has to pay a fee of 15€ for the money to be returned. It seems to be really weird since the rest of the funds were credited to my account.


Same here after a transfer on Jan 26th and support is acting like they dont even know anything.
Isnt there a way the British government can intervene and help all these customers that have their funds in limbo?


I have a similar issue. After spending 60 CHF for my bank to look into the issue, my bank said it’s been properly sent to my Revolut account. Can someone at Revolut please have a look? It’s been months and all the response I have received is to tell my to look into this thread or check with my bank. How about Revolut check on their side?


Provide a receipt for the payment with all necessary details like outgoing account no. and account holder’s name via in app chat and I am sure they can check.


In house app has a wait time of 4 hours to chat to a human !!


Just provide them all the details needed to look into it right away. That’s more efficient.


Similar thing happening to me !!!
25k USD of personal funds transferred into Revolut account along with copies of all supporting documents regarding source of funds.
Nothing showing in my account, and no reply from customer support since over one week despite over ten messages from me.
This is looking like a fraud !!!