Something went wrong please try later


hi I have trying install your app for a while now every time I enter my phone number the it asks to set up pin as soon as I enter my 4th pin error appears Sorry something went wrong please try later
I have tried uninstalling and reinstall, but still nothing… Please help.


Hi, I have a similar problem Have gone to the site to get started. I enter my number and when I click get started it gives an error of Oops something went wrong. Has been doing this for the last few hours.


I have similar issue. I managed to create account but now I cannot do anything as each activity shows ‘try later’ popup.


Same problem here. Can’t do anything with the app. Probably their services are down.


Ok, well I suppose that’s encouraging in the sense that it’s not just me!


Definitely does seem a services down scenario.


I just fix that problem basically, you need to use another phone where you can register and then just login to your main phone.