Something positive to talk about Revolut customer service

I have been reading all the not so encouraging comments about Revolut customer service. So I thought I will share my very good experience I had with the customer service team today. I transfered a large amount from my investment account last week. It reached my Revolut account yesterday. And as expected, it was kept pending under review. The AI asked me to very the source of the funds. I uploaded the statements available from my investment firm. But it was not meeting the requirements. I was fed up after trying to upload the documents multiple times. Then, I filled in a complaint form and send it out. To my surprise, when I woke up this morning, the customer service contacted me throught the app wihtout my initiation. I explained to them that I submitted all the available documents to verify the transfer. I conveyed my frustration. The super nice customer service person (Sanjib) immediately responded that he would check with his team. After a shortwhile, I was thrilled to hear that the documents were accepted and the funds were credited to my account. That was easy peezy. Not only the problem was resolved, but also I recieved a gift of $17 to compensate the trouble. This is the way to go Revolut :clap: :clap:


Nice to read ! Honestly I would love to have the same experience. I was planning to use Revolut as main account but changed my mind and even finish to install N26 due to diverse problems and especially the customer service that answer “I know it’s not what you would like to hear but no worries you just have to wait 8 days” when 2 payments did not work but were pending twice (it worked with a card from traditional bank)